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90 Days to Guaranteed Growth for Your Shopify Store

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A dedicated team of eComm experts that's motivated to see you grow

Co-Founder over at Shopanova with my brother-in-law, Robby Switzer. Over the last seven years we have been blessed enough to:


Hey! I'm Dan Stafford...

Team up with over 300 online stores   across 25+ verticals

Generate our clients over a half a BILLION dollars in new revenue

Get featured in dozens of publications including Entrepreneur, Digital Journal, NBC, and more...

I don't say this to brag...but rather to encourage you and show you what's possible with our tried and true Brand Velocity framework, that we use to double and triple stores your like yours.

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Here's a big shout out to the brands aboard who are kickin' butt and taking names!


"We have been working with Shopanova since about 2018, and I can honestly say before that we had no idea what we were doing with our ads. Right off the bat we were seeing up to 8x ROAS, averaging 5.5x in our peak swimsuit season!"

Jessica Rey | Rey Swimwear

BrandVelocity is our proprietary AI driven marketing system for growing stores like yours. There are 3 simple pillars to what we do to ensure you grow your topline revenue and your take home profits…


Have you ever wondered why brands like apple, tesla, or even Nike consistently rise above all their competitors…its because their brand and positioning is freaking awesome.

The way we get your ads to work (so you scale) is by first addressing the issue of branding and position, because it’s the big domino that needs to fall first…

We’re gonna guide you through the quick and easy process to make your products irresistible without a PHD in marketing psychology...that way your marketing and all other strategies work double time, so you can get more ROAS and more profit.


2. Acquisition Matrix 

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok or another platform...we select the appropriate channels for your market and properly test multiple audiences, ad creatives, and headlines in order to optimize your new client acquisition method. 

This way you can scale and scale profitably and start hitting record revenue months.

3. LTV Optimizer 

Most people should be making 30-40% of their revenue from their current customer base year-over-year through zero-ad spend strategies but have no clue how to set up the system that will produce these kinds of results…

To make sure you’re not missing out on large amounts of free revenue… We implement proper email, sms, and other nurture tactics to increase the value of every single customer.

This way you get more cash in the business right away, plus add LTV to every customer, which increases your bottom line.


Our experience with Shopanova has been amazing. I've seen massive results.

Katie & Johnny

Apple Blvd Boutique

I've switch 4 different agencies Shopanova was my lucky fifth!


Beflax Linen

We just have a million good things we could say about them. We've grown almost 10 times what we when we started...

Vera & Natalie

Dwell Differently

Shopanova took the time to learn my business. Hiring Shopanova is one of the best decisions that I've made for my business.



They got to know our store specifically. Their posts looks just like how we post! If they post your product, know it's going to sell!

Leann & Nicole

Sole Sisters

Our shop was maybe getting 10k a month and now we're doing $6-7k a day. Things are really good, and a lot of that is having good marketing. You guys will have to kick us out. We're not going anywhere!


Bookish Box & Shop

Ben & Bryant | Adventure Challenge

"We've just been getting amazing results. We had our first $15,000.00 day a couple days ago, and we're currently scaling. We just couldn't be happier with the support of their team and everything they've had to offer our company so far."

Don't Take Our Word For It

If your store is doing at least 30k a month or more, and you’re ready to scale beyond your wildest dreams in 2024, click the link below to see the details of our guaranteed growth offer.

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